Welcome to MUGSHOTS

Who We Are?

Mug Shots was established in 2018, at thoraipakkam, beautifully situated in the heart of Old Mahabalipuram, Chennai! Mug Shots is more than just a bar or a restaurant with inclusive spaces and modern styling, it's an experience!

Just steps away from the corporate IT sector, this distinctive resto-bar adorned with graffit walls is home to bottled beers, drafts, delectable cocktails and exclusive mocktails and mouthwatering food! Mugshots is comprised of a 34-foot main bar hosting luxurious seating, including all day dining, functions and events! Upon walking through the door, guests are transported from the bustling city outside to an intoxicating ambience.

There are numerous dining areas to choose from, customizable menus available and televisions as far as the eye can see–playing almost any and every sports event available!

Mugshots expansive menu formulated with freedom and energy features something for everyone that translates into the room! Either for a business lunch with clients or an after hour party with friends and family, the venue has a warehouse style space atmosphere inspired by exquisite cuisines and spectacular views! Catch up, relax and celebrate, that’s what it is all about #behindbars